Ubuntu Desktop


Ubuntu Desktop distribution enables you to access to a distant Linux graphic environment on your dedicated server from a workplace connected to internet. No matter what if it’s Windows, Linux or MacOs environment. Ubuntu distribution, reknown for its easy use, is very pointed to ‘user workplace’. Once delivered, all the necessary softwares for a use as an internet workplace, office and multimedia are proposed to you: FireFox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, The Gimp, etc…

The distant graphic connection is carried out via a FreeNX server, which allows among other things to support sound (for example, it is possible to play a webradio on Ubuntu Desktop and to listen to it from your workplace), transparent copy/paste and access to datas on the local workplace (via windows sharings or Samba for Linux).

To connect you to FreeNX server, you only have to install the free customer provided by the NoMachine Company (which also proposes commercial solutions around NX technology).

Download NX client: Click Here

To start a graphic session on Ubuntu Desktop server

Once your dedicated server is installed under Ubuntu Desktop, process as follows to connect you:

  • Download NX customer (nxcustomer) corresponding to your system on NoMachine site: http://www.nomachine.com/download.php (NX Customer Desktop Edition)
  • Carry out the installation by default and launch NX Customer
  • The assistant of connection’s creation displays. Click on ‘Next’ to start:

  • Enter a name for your connexion in Session field (free)
  • Enter the name or IP address of your server in Host field then click on ‘Next’
  • The following screen displays, fill in it as follows but don’t forget to tick the box “Enable SSL encryption of all traffic. Make sure you select GNOME in the 2nd list

  • Click on ‘Next’, then ‘Finish’. The connection screen displays (then you’ll access to it directly by launching NX Customer) but don’t launch the connection right now. We still need to activate the sound support.

  • Click on ‘configure’

    • In ‘Services’ index, tick the box _Enable multimedia support”
    • Click on ‘Ok’ and select ‘Yes’ to save the configuration. You go back to the login screen

  • If you are the server admin, enter admin as a login and the password you received by mail. If you are a normal user, enter your login and your password
  • Once the connection is initialized, your Ubuntu graphic session starts

To end a session on Ubuntu Desktop server

  • Click only on the closing bottom of Windows. Then a menu proposes you:
    • Suspend: suspend your session to continue later (at the next connection, you’ll find the same environment as you left it)
    • Terminate: Only close the session

  • You can also click on and then select ‘disconnect’
To access to datas located in the local workplace

You have the possibility to access to documents saved in your computer from the distant graphic session in a transparent way. Here is the process:
  • On your user workplace, share a file (right click/ share and security)
  • Lauch NX customer and click on Configure
  • In Services Index, tick the box Enable printer and file sharing then click on Add

  • In Resource list, Select the file you have just shared
  • In Username/Password fields, enter eventually the login and password of an user, which have the access rights to this sharing (if you have restricted the access)
  • Click on Ok and launch a connection to Ubuntu Desktop
  • You can now access to your documents by opening you personal file (menu Shortcuts / Personal file) and by opening MyShares file: