Relaunch the transfer of .com - .net - .org - .biz - .info domain

This manual shows you the procedure to follow to relaunch a transfer request for a domain to OVH, which has not been accomplished yet.


Sometimes, the transfer request for a domain to OVH isn't accomplished at the first time. This may be due to different reasons such as:

- Domain locked against transfer
- Invalid Auth-Info? code
- Untouched contact emails
- Expired domain
- Domain created less than 60 days ago

You will find here how to unlock your domain at your current registrar: DomainTransferGtlds


Once the transfer is launched, the contacts emails existing in the whois are contacted. They receive an email with a secure link to OVH in order to give their AUTH-INFO guide.

Transfer relaunch

To relaunch a transfer request, you have to log into the MANAGER v3

Click on My services

Then Operations in progress

The status of your operations in progress displays

Click on the reading glass.

Then, you will be able to 'Relaunch the operation' if you are ready to do so.