IRCd Setup

Before starting

  • Selection of IRCd

Before proceeding to the setup of an IRCd, the choice of the Chat Daemon version is necessary. We recommend you to choose an UNREAL for its flexibility. It is ideal for the user and the IRC operator considering the large choice of commands, as well as the 'host cloaking' and the possibility to create 'Virtual Host', which enables you to protect at the maximum the IPs of your users and yours. The latest version and patches for some bugs are available on the official
site of Unreal.

  • Selection of Services

Each IRCD robot offers Services to its users (chanserv, nickserv, memoserv, hostserv, ...). These 'bots' offer to users many options such as protection of their nickname, canal (chatroom) with password, memos shipment and use of customized vhost. Here as well there is a large choice. We are going to explain here the setup of 'epona'.

  • Unreal setup (connection with SSH)

Please note: Your login must be different from root to launch the daemon. You must therefore create a new ID to access to IRCd directory for rehash as well and get connected with it in SSH to execute the following commands.

Download Unreal3.2beta18 IRCd place it on your server.
Unzip: gunzip Unreal3.2-beta18.tar.gz file then tar -xvf Unreal3.2-beta18.tar, which will create Unreal3.2 folder, go to the directory: cd /Unreal3.2-beta18 and launch the setup of Daemon with ./Config command.

You may also get further information on unreal website, if a new version is available.

The following screen will display:
Screenshot Config

Press progressively on enter until the screen shows: Read what is indicated

UnrealIRCd 'Compile-Time Config'

Now all you have to do is type make and let it compile. When that is done, you will receive other instructions on what to do next

[ Unreal3.2]$

You just have to type the command: make and wait for the end of the compilation of IRCd. Few minutes later, you'll get the following message:

Compile is now complete.
You should now read the documentation and learn
how to configure your IRCd

If you really like UnrealIRCd, and would like to
make a donation, please read the Donation file in
this archive. :)

Thanks for using Unreal IRCd! If you are in need
for any kind of help regarding the IRCd please
read the Unreal.nfo file

[ Unreal3.2]$

Unreal configuration

Now, you will have to set up your IRC server. To do so, copy the example.conf file, which is in /Unreal3.2/doc/ and place it in the Unreal3.2 directory: cp ./doc/example.conf ./unrealircd.conf

Log out of your SSH and go to your webmin panel in order to find unrealircd.conf file that you have just created. Select the file and click Edit. Now, you must create the file for your network. You may copy the file shown below, paste it in a text editor, bring the necessary modifications. Name it and upload it in your network folder located in your Unreal3.2 directory.

set {
network-name "IRC"; // shows your network name
default-server ""; // shows your server name by default
services-server ""; // shows the server name of your services
stats-server ""; // shows your statistic server name
help-channel "#help"; // shows your help-channel name
hiddenhost-prefix "***"; // shows the hidden host prefix
prefix-quit "Quit:"; // shows the first word in the quit message
hosts {
local ""; // shows Ircops local hosts
global ""; // shows Ircops global hosts
coadmin ""; // shows Coadmins hosts
admin ""; // shows Admin host
servicesadmin ""; // shows Admins service host
netadmin ""; // shows Netadmin host
host-on-oper-up "off"; // shows if the host must operate at the time of authentication

Do not forget that you must also setup as well as the port that you want to use in order to get connected to ircd.

Re-log into your SSH (not in root!) and go to Unreal3.2 directory.
Now, you just have to execute ./ircd
Take your favourite mIRC client and log into your