Configuration POP3/IMAP Email


You'll find below the parameters for your OVH email accounts,

  • -Name of the incoming server: or directly, our server name:
  • -Port of the incoming server: 110

  • -Name of the outgoing server: or directly, our server name:
  • -Port of the outgoing server: 587 (instead of port 25 because this port is filtered by many ISP)

  • -Username/account ID: identical to the email address (e.g.:
  • -Password: your password for your account, as defined in the creation of the email address

  • You must also check "outgoing server/SMTP requires authentification" (no SSL or encrypted) using the same settings as for POP/incoming server.

If you want to use the secure server, you must indicate incoming and outgoing server "" | POP port 995 | SMTP port 465
By checking for the two (incoming and outgoing) server, the option that requires an SSL secure connection.


iPhone configuration

Windows Mail configuration

Outlook 2007 configuration

Outlook configuration

Outlook Express configuration

Thunderbird configuration

Mail configuration for Mac

Entourage configuration

To change the password associated with an email address, go into your
Manager, choose your domain, Email section and password option.


Same configuration as before except for the ports:
OVH IMAP port for incoming server 143 (or 993 in the SSL server
OVH IMAP port for outgoing server the same as in POP 587 (or 465 in the SSL server


You can send and receive emails via our webmail interface at