Unlock your domain

To be able to transfer your domain to OVH, you must first unlock the state of your domain name in order to be in OK/ACTIVE status and obtain the AUTH/INFO code in the case of .org, .biz or .info.

The AUTH/INFO code is a necessary key in order the Registry to accept the transfer. You can check the status of your domain name thanks to the whois tool and at this address you will find the requirements in order the transfer to be successfully carried out.

For the domains in .com - .net - .org - .biz - .info

AITDomains: go to your customer space. Then click on "Domain Management", "Lock/Unlock Domains", please choose the domaim to transfer and click on "Search". On the next page, you will be able to unlock your domain.

Amen: Go to your customer space. then click on "Registrar/Whois Tools", "Outgoing transfer protection", "See", "Lock registrar modifications", "Modify", "Unlock", "Save".

Bulk Register: Here find the main page concerning the domain protection and here find the procedure of your reseller, the explanations will be sent to the administrative and technical contacts.

directNIC: underneath "customer settings", select "set transfer security" then click on "transfer security settings manager" (bottom). You will have the possibility to choose the domain which is in normal or in high security and validate the status modification, that will lock or unlock the domain.

Dotster: go to your customer space. Then click on "View a complete list of all domains in your account", select the domain that you want to unlock and click on "manage domains", underneath "Registered domain functions", please click on "unlock domains that have TransferLock".

Enom: Go to your customer space then on "domains names" and "overview"

Gandi: You must be the domain administrator to be able to unlock the domain. Go to this address to be able to unlock your domain

GoDaddy: Go to your customer space then in "domains names", "manage domains", "set locking/lock all domains".

Joker: Log into the site, then go to "servicezone" then "switch off domain protection"

Namebay: Login as the administrative contact to the customer space, then go to "domains management", "Edit", "Modify your domain names". Select the domain and edit it, click then on "modify the status"

NordNet: please go to the following address: here then go to "Unlock/Lock of a domain name" down left then please follow the procedure, once the unlock is done, a request is sent to the registry and the administrative contact of the domain to confirm the unlock. If they do not reply within 10 days, the request is cancelled and the unlock is not done.

Network Solutions: Please log into your "Account manager" as the owner or the administrative contact, then go to "domain details", "domain protect". Do not forget to save the modification.

OnlineNIc: the members of OnlineNic can lock/unlock their domain by using the "Domain lock" option under the "manage domains" section at the right of the navigation bar in their reseller configuration panel; We recommand the final users to contact if possible their reseller to help them for the unlock/lock operations.

PSI-USA, INC: To unlock a domain for which PSI-USA is the registrar, you have to contact the reseller who registered the domain.

Register: You must contact them via the link "Ask a question" and ask for an unlock on your domain. The agreement of the administrative contact will be requested by mail.

If your Registrar is not in the list shown above, please contact the technical support of your registrar to request the procedure to follow to unlock the domain.

AUTH/INFO code for the domains .org - .biz - .info

These domains require the obtention of an AUTH-INFO code to validate the transfer. Here is how to obtain it from some registrars:

BookMyName: You must contact their technical support directly

Dotster: Log into your account, go to "domains list", choose the domain name and click to obtain the authorization code. It will be sent to you to the email address related to your domain.

Enom: Log into your account. Select "Domain names", "my domains", then the domain you wish to transfer. Under "utilities", choose "Contact/Whois option". You will find the code.

Gandi: you must login as the administrator, then go to the "modify the settings of a domain" section, you will find the key on the right, above your name and address.

Joker: After having unlocked your domain, a window is open for 10 days, during this period you have the possibility to obtain the code by going to "ServiceZone/status request of transfer"

MelbourneIT: if you go directly to Melbourne IT, you must use the interface of password return request, so the AUTH/INFO code will be sent to the administrative contact

NameBay: Send your request by fax on +337 97 97 21 13 with your ID. You will receive your code-auth by email.

Names4Ever: The code is the same as the password of your account

Network solutions: the administrative contact must send an email to the registrar from the email he has filled in his customer space with the subject: Authorization code for the domain"...". The code will be sent to this address.

Online Nic: the authorization code must be directly requested from the reseller

PSI-USA, INC: you must contact the reseller, who has registered the domain, he will give you the code.

Register: Log into your customer space. The code is on the page, where the domains are listed.

Stargate: you must send your request by email from the administrative contact email of the domain.

Tucows: if you are a tucows reseller, the code is in the "domain extras" section of your reseller management interface. If you are an administrative contact of the domain with an updated email address in the whois, request your Tucows reseller to resend you the code by email.

Verion: Make your request from your administrative contact email address or by phone on +1800 438 8374

At this address, it is explained how to use this AUTH_INFO code to validate your transfer request.