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In order to satisfy his customers, OVH has prepared this guide to enable you to manage the offers proposed in your manager.

The domain, the redirections and the DNS zones are managed in this section in your manager:

Domaines & DNS

Protection of your domain

The domain names protection does not concern the extensions: .fr, .re, .be and .eu
The domain is protected against theft or excessive transfer.

Closed padlock = protected status
status: REGISTRAR-LOCK (WHOIS) for .com and .net or TRANSFER-PROHIBITED for .info, .biz and .org
If transfer request for the domain, it will be refused

Open padlock = unprotected status
status: ACTIVE or OK (WHOIS)
If transfer request for the domain, it will be accepted

To check the state of your status: whois

  • What is domain theft?

Each registrar offers the possibility to transfer a domain of another registrar to himself to manage it. The transfer is a delicate operation which requires several precautions. it is the registrar, who requests for the transfer, to take them into account. The operations are:
    • To make sure that the transfer is really requested by the contacts of the domain
    • The registrar, who looses the domain management, can not check if the transfer has been requested. Once the transfer request is launched, it can be completed (for example: if you are on holiday and that you are not able to refuse the transfer).

  • What is the protection against theft?

To protect the domain against theft, we automatically lock the domain in a state where no transfer can be made. If another registrar requests the transfer of this domain, it will be immediately refused by default. If you want to transfer the domain to another registrar, you must remove the protection of the domain. Only at this moment, the domain will not be protected and another registrar will be able to make the transfer request.

The management is possible in your manager, section: "domain management - Quick access": unlock your domain

Hosts management

See the manual: ConfigureHosts

DNS servers

Your hosting is at another provider. You can update on line your domain. This modification requires few days for the propagation, the time that all the sytem is updated.

  • Log into your manager
  • Click on your domain in the left menu
  • Click on "Domain&DNS", "DNS server"
  • Modify the DNS zones, insert the DNS of your provider. Only your provider has all the information. In case of need, you will have to request them to him.

Web redirections

A redirecton allows to redirect your domain name to an existing web site. For example, you have a web site with a free provider (with a very long address), you can buy a domain name and specify to redirect it to your free provider. This allows you, for a minimal price, to use your domain name and to allow the internet users, who wish to visit your web site, to only type your domain name instead of the complex address of your free provider.

Two redirections possibilities are available:

  • invisible ORT
  • visible ORT

    • what is the invisible ORT (type 302)?


web ORT:
Invisible Ort:

In your navigator the URL will be:

    • what is the invisible ORT (type 301)?


Web Ort
Visible Ort :

In your navigator the URL will be

Creation of web redirection

To create a redirection

  • 1. Log into your manager
  • 2. Then click on your domain in the left menu
  • 3. Click on "Domain&DNS" , "Web redirections" , "Create"
  • 4. Once on this page

"Redirection for": let it blank
In the field "To" enter the URL of destination
Type "choose visible" or "invisible" and click on "Accept"

To make the same redirection with the WWW, the operation is similar. Obviously, you can use this method to redirect a domain to another one.

Example: invisble ORT
The domain must not be related to a hosting, however the domain can be related to it.

WARNING: the first redirection is active after 24 hours. The redirections are not working on the frames.
Check with the whois if the dns zones of your domain are:

if your domain is related to a hosting, do not use the redirection such as or, otherwise your domain will not point on your hosting.

However, you can use the redirections for the sub domains, for example:

Creation of email redirection

A redirection allows to redirect the emails arriving on an POP account to an other email address. For example, if you want all the emails of to be redirected to your personal electronic address:

To create an email redirection:

  • Log into your manager
  • Click on your domain in the left menu
  • Click on "emails" in "Access to sections", then "Email redirections" in the "Redirections" section.
  • Click on "New"
  • Once on this page

  • Indicate:
The name of POP account that you want to redirect
Tick "to local account" if you want to redirect this account to an other POP account of your domain name
Tick "to another (remote) account" if you want to redirect this account to another remote mail address of your choice
Click on "Accept"


You have the possibility to create a field for your domain hosted at OVH, such as Then this field can be updated in the way of a Dyn DNS host and allows you to use your domain name to host your own services directly on your desktop which is linked to Internet.

You must request for a dynhost via the manager

  • "Access to sections", "Domains&DNS", "DNS Zone", "Dyn Type"
  • Once on this page, add a dyn in the DNS zone:

Indicate your sub-domain and a "DynHost" (Ip address)
The creation of this field takes 24 hours.

WARNING: your domain must have the following DNS (or hosts using the Ips of the following DNS)

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

To know the tools to use under Windows or Linux and to obtain the configuration examples, consult this manual: DynDns

Configure your DNS

You will find below the configuration of a domain name at OVH:


MX Register, or Messaging Relay, is a Zone file section of your domain name (a DNS entry) whose the datas specify the mail server, which is responsible for the emails distribution for this specific domain name.

WARNING: NO IP address behind a MX field

MX register contains the following information:

the email server name which manages the emails for this domain name
the main functions for this mail server

When an email is sent to a specific email address (for example, the domain name servers on internet contribute to the send of this email by directing to the mail servers for this domain name in the MX section of zone file.


A record of the A type allows to link a domain or a sub-domain with an Ip address (example: You must give at least one record of A type in order the domain to point on a hosting.


A CNAME register is also called Alias Record.
For example, considerate the following CNAME for

If is linked to the Ip address 213.186.33.X, this CNAME register will point to So, will be also linked to the address 213.186.33.X

Actually, the field, before CNAME, will get the IP of the one following CNAME field.