Managing dedicated server in Manager

Checking server's bandwidth

1. Log into Manager v3

2.Choose "Services" , then "Bandwidth"

MRTG graphs

1. Log into Manager v3

2. Choose "Server status" icon
The graphs are in "Graphs of traffic" section.

Example of a graph:

Secondary DNS

If you'd like to add domains to Secondary DNS,you need to :

1. Log into Manager v3.

2. Choose "Services" and then "Secondary DNS"

3. Then click "New domain" . And insert the domain name.

If you'd like to check what kind of intervention has been conducted on your server, please log into Manager v3.

Choose "Server Status" icon and then "History".


To choose the type of starting your server:
1. Log into Manager v3

2. Choose "Services" icon.

3. Then click "Netboot"
You may choose between boot form network and boot from hard disk.

Hard disk netboot:

This is default option. Your server is totally independent, boot partition functions with kernel installed during activation. Remember to update your kernel regularly. If you'd like to install different kernel, compile it and install on the hard disk. Then restart computer.

Network netboot:

If you want your server to have always the latest kernel, choose boot form the network. You may choose between two types of kernels: standard or grsecurity (which offers more security to your server)

1. Log into Manager v3

2. Choose "Server status" and then "Monitoring"
You may activate or deactivate monitoring and manage emails about interventions.

To reboot your server, you need to:
1. Log into Manager v3

2. Choose "Services" and then "Reboot the server"