Contacting our customer service


Please e-mail for e-mail support. Our customer support staff will deal with your request as quickly as possible.

To help us find a solution to your problem

  • Subject :: Create a brief subject that summarises the problem. For example:

Subject: ftp refuses my login

Subject: no connection to my site

Subject: sql database erased

  • Text :: Be brief, 3-4 lines. It is not necessary to write a long entry. Paradoxically, the longer the e-mail, the longer it will take to deal with. It is also preferred that you tell us precisely the error messages you have encountered. Please do not forget to leave your client ID (i.e. NicHandle).


I've run into errors while executing my php script on http://mysite/test.php.
This is what the error says:
Can you help me?

I've just launched the transfer of my domain,
and I don't know what to do next. Can you help me?

Please do not forget to include the following information when contacting support:

  • your domain name
  • your site
  • your OVH plan
  • your login
  • your dedicated server
  • URL of the site that does not work
  • If you have a connection problem, your internet service provider information and the IP address of your connection.

Never send us any passwords

Don't forget the error messages. It is most helpful if you inform us of any error messages you encounter. Do not summarise the problem, Do not describe the problem. The error message is sufficient. We know the programs and exactly which errors may occur. If you have an error message, then there should be a simple and fast resolution. If you summarise or describe the problem without telling us the error message, we will have to guess at which error message you have encountered.

On my dedicated server: when I reboot and bind with /etc/rc.d/init.d/named restart I receive the following error:
Can you help me?

When I connect to my site, I have a error message when I go to this URL:
http://mysite/cgi-bin/test.cgi can you help me?

Bad Examples: Do not do the following

What is wrong with this e-mail?

I have a site with OVH that exhibits my studies. Many of the visitors on my site leave messages in my forum, but my forum does not work anymore. It worked before, why doesn't it work now?

  • It's missing
    • the domain name
    • the OVH plan
    • the login
    • the URL to the site or problem
  • This e-mail is not effective (the client provides unnecessary information which is of no use in resolving the problem).
  • The client has not given their error message. They have only said that "it does not work anymore".
In this situation, it is impossible to respond in a fast manner. We would have to reply to the client and ask them for all the necessary missing information. As a result, the client loses valuable time before reaching a solution to the problem.

The Numbers

We handle on average 600-700 e-mails a day.

The average e-mail response time: 12 hours.

If the problem is very complex or if the proper information is not supplied, e-mail response time can be 4-5 days.


Before calling, prepare all the information needed to increase the efficiency of the call. (Purchase Order number, domain name, server name (if a dedicated server), and NIC Handle). If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, a technician will take your information and call you back momentarily.


Fax us only if your request must be accompanied with documents (extract from the companies' register database, JO extract, INPI inscription,...). If this is not the case, then the fastest way to handle the request is by sending an e-mail that follows the directions above.


You can write to us at:

OVH Hosting Ltd.
5 Fitzwilliam Place