Restore data from a Hosting Backup

You have deleted a file by mistake? Scripts have been changed and your site no longer works?

OVH offers 6 backups of your data after the backup you want.

Step 1

Log into your FTP client (in our example FileZilla? free).
Enter your host name in the field, generally ftp.yourdomain.tld or

With your domain
your hostname is: or (if hosted on a 90plan)

Step 2

Fill in the FTP login (Change "login" to your FTP login) to the backup you want to retrieve. Namely:

* Login-snap0: 0 j-snapshot (backup recorded the same day at 3:00 am)
* Login-snap1: j-1 snapshot (backup saved the day before at 3:00 am)
* Login-snap2: j-2 snapshot (backup saved 2 days before at 3:00 am)
* Login-snap3: snapshot s-1 (backup recorded last week, Sunday morning at 4h00)
* Login-snap4: snapshot s-2 (backup recorded 2 weeks before, Sunday morning at 4h00)
* Login-snap5: snapshot s-3 (backup recorded 3 weeks before, Sunday morning at 4h00)

With your FTP login: login
FTP login to retrieve a backup of the day before is: login-snap2

Step 3

Enter your password.
This is the same password for your FTP access, you can change it in your Manager, Accommodation section.
This will then establish the connection.

Step 4

Recover files and folders of your choice.
A simple, drag and drop the "Remote" to "Local Site" allows you to recover your data directly on your computer.

Step 5

Log in now with your normal FTP login.

Step 6

Finally upload the data collected on your back that is now on your computer to the remote site. In the same way, a simple drag and drop from left to right you can copy your files and folders in minutes.

You've recovered the data that you want via FTP, your site is now as it was a few days / weeks ago. If you use a SQL database and you want to retrieve a backup of its contents, please consult the following guide: SaveBasesMySQL