All about Anonymous FTP for PLAN line

OVH offers 3 types of FTP space:

  • Private FTP. Every hosting service in OVH has this type of FTP space, starting from 1MB (MailPlan) to 5GB (XXLPlan). It's used to update websites and it's write/read space, that requires logging in (FTP login and password)

  • MultiFTP. Option available for only PLAN line. It allows the creation of multiple private FTP spaces where each managers a part of the website hosting. In this way you may share your server with others or provide hosting services yourself.
A person who gets access to his/her FTP space will be able to edit her data and won't be able to access other FTP accounts.

  • Anonymous FTP. It's a special offer for PLAN line, equal in size with web space.

Anonymous FTP - it's a space that can be used for uploading and downloading data to your hosting. You can log in and upload or download files without authentication. Thanks to this offer, you may add links to your website and files will be available for everyone.

  • Downloading files is prohibited in web hosting space. Anonymous FTP allows you to upload large files without losing any web space.
  • Anonymous FTP may be only used to download/upload files, it cannot be used as a web space. For example, for 90Plan you have 90MB of web space and 90MB of anonymous FTP, and they cannot be combined.

1. Log into Manager v3.

2. Then choose your domain in the menu on the left.
3. Next click the "Website hosting"
4. Choose the "Anonymous FTP" icon.
5. In order to activate Anonymous FTP, click "Activate Anonymous FTP" and click the "Accept" button.
6. After finishing the operation, you'll receive information that the operation will be taken into account in several minutes. You'll also receive an email with access data to the address assigned to your Nichandle.

  • To upload files, use any FTP client, using '' as the host.
  • To make a file available for others, add a link to your website, e.g. for -

Please don't place scripts and websites in Anonymous FTP space. The space is not available by HTTP.