Access to a Windows server

This manual explains how to access to a Windows server from your personal computer. As all the other OVH servers, the Windows ones have a SSH access (see manual). However, for several operations, and for an easier use, you must setup an other protocol: the TSE

Thus, you can access to your remote system, as if you were in the OVH datacenter: You control your server with your keyboard and your mouse and you see the "screen" of your server on your own monitor.

Under linux

If your personal computer is under linux, you must use a specific client: Terminal Server Microsoft for GNU/Linux.

The most known is rdesktop:

rdesktop (after setup) is very simple to use:

rdesktop XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX


by replacing the X values by the Ip address of your server in the first case, or nsXXXXX by the name of your server in the second one.

You will find more information and the sources of the software here:

Under Windows

If you use Windows 2000 or superior, a TSM client is integrated.

Under Windows XP, click successively on "Start", "All programs", "Accesories", "Communication", "Remote network connection".

Finally, You just have to enter the Ip or the address of your system and to click on "connection"


If you don't have a high-speed connection, you must force a resolution and a few number of colors to have a better connection.

Warning: Make sure that the Windows version of your server and your operating system use the same standard keyboard. Otherwise, you risk not to enter the right characters.
The language bar in the tasks bar of your server allows to switch easily the QWERTY configuration to AZERTY configuration and vice versa.