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Welcome to the OVH support page


: NicHandle :: All you need to know about the NIC-handle (User name / client identification).
: LostFound :: Did you forget your password? or login?


: DedicatedServicesManager :: Services offered by OVH (via the manager)

Dedicated Server

Manuals concerning all distributions

: BandwidthServer :: How to check the bandwidth of my server?
: ServerMonitoring :: How to be notified of alerts on my server?
: LaunchServices :: How to properly launch the services: ssh, telnet etc.?
: RebootMyServer :: How do I reboot my server?
: PersonalisedReverse :: How to personalize the reverse IP of your dedicated server?
: DedicatedCron :: Automatic Tasks. How to execute automatic scripts on the dedicated server (on crond).
: RealTimeMonitoring :: All about RTM.
: NetworkScanning :: Scanning of network.
: ManageDomainOnDedicated :: Managing a domain on a dedicated server.
: FireWall:: What is it?
: SmartMonTool :: How to use it?
: IpAlias :: Configuration of an additional IP address.
: QmailAdmin :: Managing your email on a dedicated server
: IpFailover :: Use of IP Failover
: ConfigureFiltersOnServer :: What type of filtering to choose?
: InstallWebsiteOnDedicated :: How to install a domain on the dedicated server?
: SubDomainInstallOnDedicated :: How to install a sub-domain on the dedicated server?
: RecompileSofts :: How to recompile software on the dedicated server?
: ServiceStartup :: Start-up of application with server set up.
: InstallServerIrcd :: How to setup an IRCd.
: TimeServer :: How to update the time of my dedicated server?
: DedicatedUsefulInfo :: You just have ordered a dedicated server? Here is some useful information.


: SshOnDedicated :: How to connect to the server with SSH?
: InstallOvhKey :: Installation of SSH key.
: ShellBash :: A couple of commands for managing the server with Shell Bash.
: UsingPutty :: Putty user guide.

Linux Kernel

: KernelNetboot :: How to start server from the OVH kernel form the network?
: KernelInstall:: How to install kernel and boot your server from the hard disk?
: KernelMethods :: Different methods of use on an OVH server


: BasicAdministration ::Basic information concerning the server administration.
: AdvancedAdministration :: Advanced administration of the dedicated server.
: BasicToolsManual :: Description of the basic tools