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Urchin is a very efficient Website statistics software, designed to provide a wide overview of user activity on your site. This sophisticated statistics system has a convenient navigation interface that allows you to get all the data about the traffic of your site, information that is essential to improve your website.

Urchin also tells you from which search engines the users come into your site, the main key words used, how the users browse through your site and all sorts of information. Whether through simple or complex analysis, Urchin delivers an amount of information absolutely necessary to anyone interested in the creation and commercialization of a website.

How to access the statistics?

To view your statistics:

1. Login to your Manager v3.
2. Click on your domain in the left-hand side.
3. Click on the button "Hosting"
4. In the section "Quick access", click on the button "Statistics"
5. Once in this page, you can check the statistics of your site: "". To log in, enter your nichandle and password.

Is it possible to recover the raw logs of my site?

Yes, the log files generated by the server are available in your statistics space. Go to the logs for your site at , you'll find the logs of each month in a separated links. For example, logs-07-2009 for the July 2009 logs .

A part of these links, you'll find a folder in the Urchin interface, through which you have access to the graphs generated by Urchin from the raw log data.

Is it possible to use Urchin in your language ?

You can choose the language to use in Urchin in its interface: click on "preferences" in the menu, choose the language and click on "submit". Urchin will apply your choice.

Explanations of the problems that you find out through the logs should be sorted out in your webspace, the support won't be able to do it for you.