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Manage your account at OVH

This guide will help you better manage the services in your manager. You will find in this section your personal information, services, procedures and your invoices.

My Services

Add a new domain
More services
Operations in progress
Contact our support

My Settings

This section will allow you to update your personal information and change the password for your account.
Personal information.
You can also change the password associated with your nic-handle that allows you to access the manager.

You can hide the information visible in the whois thanks to this option.
Hide whois.

For more information on this option visit this guide:

My Invoices

This section allows you to:

Renew the services you have with OVH.
Invoices per domain.
Invoices per date.
Orders in progress.

Contact Management

This section allows you to change the contacts for your domain name. Eg, it allows you to move the domain name and services to a different (nic-handle).
Contacts management.


This section will allow you to change an email address that is no longer valid in order to access your account, change the owner of the domain or hosting,. You will also find all the procedures associated with your services at OVH.