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How to create a subdomain?
You may create your subdomain in Manager, you need to follow the steps:
1. Log into Manager v3.

2. Choose your domain in the menu on the left.
3. Then click the "Website hosting" icon in "Access to section".
4. Next click "Subdomain"
5. The following page will appear:

Click the "Create" icon and that page will load:

- "Name of subdomain" - insert the name of subdomain you'd like to create (to create insert test)
- target calalogue - the directory/folder for this subdomain (e.g. WWW/test)
- tick "create a subdomain" box
- click "Accept" button to finish

6. After completing the action, you'll receive the information that the change will be taken into account in 24h.
This option is available from GP line. After 24h you may create index.html and place it in your account in the folder WWW/test. Your page will be visible under the address