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To manage the email accounts in your dedicated server, you have access the webinterface QmailAdmin.

It's available at the following address: .

Before using QMailAdmin with a domain, you must add it via VPopMail. This is describe in the guide: VpopmailAndAdmin

This interface allows you, using the account postmaster, to manage all the matters related with the email service for a domain on your server.

You also have a minimal Webmail interface to check and send emails in this address:
See the guide on this subject : SqWebMailPresentation.

Operations on POP Accounts

Operations on Aliases and Redirections

Operations on Auto-Responders? and Mailing Lists

Establish limitations

To limit the number of POP3 accounts, mailing lists, etc... Qmailadmin has
its own very simple system: just create in the domain folder (/home/vpopmail/domains/,
the file .qmailadmin-limits with this content:

# cat .qmailadmin-limits
maxpopaccounts 5
maxaliases -1
maxforwards -1
maxmailinglists 0
maxautoresponders 0
default_quota 25000000

please change the permissions for the file .qmailadmin-limits to vpopmail.vchkpw

# ls -l .qmailadmin-limits

-rw-r--r-- 1 vpopmail vchkpw 132 jan 20 2002 .qmailadmin-limits

In this example, the number of POP accounts that it is possible to create for this domain is 5. The number of aliases and forwardings is not limited. Mailing lists and Auto-Responders? are not available. Each POP account established for this domain will be assigned by default a quota of 25 MB

To configure default QMailAdmin restrictions, you must recompile. Initially, it is compiled with the following options:
./configure --enable-cgibindir=/home/ovh/cgi-bin .

see ./configure --help in the source directory QMailAdmin (usually /home/ovh/src/qmailadmin-xxx) .