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Ftp under Php

You cannot use the ftp module under php. There are several reasons for this block.

First, the problem deals with a level of security. In other words, for your php scripts to function, you must enter your script login and ftp password. Understand, that a lot of security bugs that permit hacking exist on scripts such as phpnuke, phpgalery, etc. Even if you do not use these types of scripts, or that you think it is none of our business, we will still not take this risk. Hackers are not interested in your data, but more so on using our systems and installations to launch DoSNoHackAllowed

We have installed several protections for the data of all our clients. But there is always still the risk that a hacker picks up your scripts and finds the login and password to your ftp account. We prefer to block ftp under php to avoid that users put their login and password on the source code.

A hacking example: MachineVeroleCas1MachineVeroleCas1

Once you use the ftp to access your site, you use a IP protocol to access local data. You can directly access your web space with the fopen function in the local directory.

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