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Ovhm - Creation of a new mailing list


Thousands of mailing lists exist and allow to a group of people to discuss about a specific topic, a particular interest, a research, to ask or answer questions. Almost everything is allowed via your email address. Each person sends messages to the email of the list. A robot takes care of dealing messages to all the subscribers. It is necessary to subscribe to the list to participate to the discussions.


1. Click on Qmailadmin or on the logo

Info: You may also use the following URL to access directly to qmailadmin

2. Enter your information:
User account: postmaster
Domain name:

3. Click on ‘login

4. Click on ‘New Mailing list

5. Fill in the fields

6. Tick the options you need

7. Click on ‘Add

8. Make sure you get the following message: "Mailing list added successfully"