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Installation of a domain on a dedicated server


This operation is carried out from an easy to use web interface. All the tasks realised with Webmin may be also done with telnet or ssh.


To help you to manage your users and their sites, you can use OVHm module, which allows building sites in 1 click. To access to it: or (if the hostname is not registered yet )


1. Click on ‘OVHm’

2. Click on ‘OVHm Virtual Hosting Management’

3. Click on ‘Add a domain’

4. Domain name:

5. Password: xxxxxx It will be the same for MySQL, and FTP to upload files
6. Confirmation: xxxxxx
7. Contact email:
The email, which will be added on the signature of the server at the time of 404 by default for example.
8. Quotas: 50 Mb It corresponds to the space that you would like to keep for this domain on your server (it doesn’t take logs, emails and MysSQL bases into account)
9.Telnet/SSH access: This option defines if you would like to enable direct access on command line to the domain’s administrators.
Create a MySQL base: define if you would like or not to associate a database to the domain (to enable the creation of pages in php for example)
10.Verbose mode: just allow to display more details when creating

  • Click on create
  • Check the message
  • Back to homepage


Click on restart all services (to take the changes into account)


REMINDER! Obviously, you have to wait for 48h the DNS zone spreading to access to: Example or