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All about the Nichandle

What is its purpose ?
The Nichandle is the client ID that allows you to:

  • Order online via your manager.
  • Quickly identify you during telephone support and help us to accelerate the process of fixing your problem.
  • Manage all of the facilities through your website manager.

How do I create a Nichandle?
You need to go online to the NicHandle creation page.
On this page you will find an online form. Enter your information. A valid e-mail address is required.

Attention: make sure the e-mail address you enter is different from your OVH domain e-mail. This will help avoid further difficulties in the case of problems with your domain.

Once you have completed the online form, you will receive an e-mail informing you of your password.
Please save and remember your NicHandle and password.

Why 4 types of Nic ?
Each NIC serves a different purpose.

The NIC Owner indicates the coordinates concerning the owner of the service. It is uniquely an administrative reference that does not have access to any domain management. If you are a service provider, the NICProprio contains the information on your client's details.

The NIC Admin manages administrative aspects of the domain and modifies other contacts, with the exception of the first and last name of the Nic Owner. The Nic Owner contact receives the e-mails on OVH service renewals. The Nic Owner also manages certain technical aspects of the domain if it is necessary.

The NIC Tech manages the technical aspects of the domain. It can also modify the Nic Billing settings.

The NIC Billing has access relative to the billing settings.

How do I change my contacts ?
Simply choose your service in the manager. Click "Manage your contacts" icon in Management section.
On that site you may manage your contacts. Click "Edit" to change contacts.

I lost my password
See the instructions on LostNicHandlePass

Very Important
Make sure that your Nic-Handle always has your correct details (especially the e-mail address), so that OVH has the proper means for contacting you.