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Microsoft Entourage configuration for Mac


This guide will help you set up your POP accounts (email addresses) with Microsoft Entourage. Just follow it step by step.

Email is a major reason for the popularity the Internet is facing. Indeed, communicating through the net, exchange of files and chat in real time is important, originating anywhere in the world. All with simplicity, speed and a low cost unmatched so far.

The steps

1. How to launch Entourage?

To install, you can choose between using Installation Assistant or copy the Microsoft Office 2004 file on the Applications directory. In both cases Entourage will be found in the section Applications and Microsoft Office 2004.

The installation directory displayed in the Finder:

Tip: to find Entourage, avoid going to the bottom of the Applications folder, and run it. You can drag it into the Dock

2. Configure Entourage

After having launched Entourage, a window similar to the one below appears:

Select the icon Mail on the top left of the window. In the top menu, click Tools and then Accounts (at the end of the drop-down menu)

A small window called Comptes will appear. Select Mail from the list below.

Then click on "New":

Tip: You can also click directly on the small arrow next to "New" and select "Mail"

3. Step 1: Configuring the email associated with the new account

In the window that appears, enter the e-mail to set up

In most cases, you will not check the box My account is on a server Exchange. However, if your company has its own internal network, check with the administrator

  • To proceed to Step 2, click the small arrow to the right at the bottom of the window.

4. Step 2: automatic configuration failure

If a window similar to the one below appears with an error message, just click the small arrow at the bottom right to proceed to step 3. Automatic configuration is only available to some providers (MSN, Hotmail ...).

  • To proceed to Step 3, click the small right arrow at the bottom of the window.

5. Step 3: Setting of access to mail

Fill in the fields as follows:

Name: Enter your name or any name with which you want to refer to this account configuration.
Email address: your e-mail my
Account ID: (also called a login or user name)
Password: the one provided when creating your e-mail.

Tip: if you do not want to type your password each time checking your email, you can check the "Save password in keychain Mac OS X".

Pending is only to configure the mail server and outgoing.

Incoming mail server:

OVH offers two types of servers:
the server or POP or POP3 is used by people that keep all their e-mail on the same machine.
To use the POP server, in the field Incoming mail server enter: or plus select POP in Incoming mail server type.

The other method is using an IMAP server: it is for people to access their email from multiple machines and from a webmail on the Internet.
Put in the field "Incoming email server" to use IMAP.

Outgoing email server (SMTP) with authentication
Enter in the field for this.
We will come back to the methodology for setting up authentication at the end of this guide (Step 8).

NOTE: in some cases, your Internet service provider does not allow you to use a different outgoing server as their own. In this case, please refer to the documentation provided by it.

Summary on an image :

  • To proceed to Step 4, click the little right arrow at the bottom of the window.

6. Step 4: Check the configuration

Before saving the configuration, Entourage offers you to verify this: click on Verify my settings

If the configuration is correct you should get the following message:

If errors occur, go back with the small left arrow at the bottom of the window and check the names of incoming and outgoing mail servers as well as the Account ID and possibly re-type your password.

An error:

  • To proceed to Step 5, click the small right arrow at the bottom of the window.

7. Step 5 : Finishing

Entourage asks you to name the email account you just created: choose a meaningful name of the style of my email on, specially if you have many accounts.

By default Entourage offers you to add this new address as the contact is associated with you: uncheck the box if you do not want to.

Similarly, by default the account is included in the automatic send and receive. You should leave this option checked otherwise, you are forced to manually check the emails from this account.

Click on Finish.

NOTE: to view your e-mail, you click on the Tools menu and then click on "Send and receive" on the account name you want to check.

8. Configuring the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) with authentication

In the top menu click Tools and then Accounts (at the end of the drop-down menu)

A small window called Accounts will be displayed. Select Mail from the list below.

Select the account to edit (here My email on

click modify

A window appears called Edit the account:

Select Account settings

click Advance sending options located in the section Send emails.

In the box that appears, select the SMTP server requires authentication and select Use the same settings as with Incoming mail server.

Click on the small square in the upper left corner of the inset window to return to the Edit the account and click on OK to confirm your new settings.


It is imperative you use the SMTP port 587 and check authentication to connect to the outgoing server.
This is the outgoing mail port authentication for all ISPs.