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Mail configuration for Mac


Mail is an email program built into Mac.
This tutorial explains how to create your email address on this software.

The steps

1. Open your Mail for Max.

2. Click on "Continue"

3. In the menu "Mail" select "Preferences..".

4. Click on "Accounts" ("Comptes") in the top pane, then click the small "+" at the bottom of the column on the left. This allows you to create a new account.

5. Under type of account("Type de compte"), choose POP and fill with the your information
(your name and your email address you want to configure).
Then click Continue.

6. Under "Incoming Mail Server" enter
Under username, you should put the complete email address.
Enter your password again and click "Continue" .

Under "Authentication", select "Password", then click "Continue".

7. Under "Mail Server", enter "". You must then choose "__Enable
authentication" and enter the full email address under "Username". Enter your password again and click "Continue__".

8. Under "Authentication", choose "Password", then click on "Continue".

9. Make sure all information is accurate, and then click "Continue" and then click on "Create".

10. Close the window "Preferences" taking care to save it.

11. In your account, you must go to the configuration tab of the outgoing server in order to change the port from 25 to 587.

Last point for this configuration: make sure the box Use SSL is unchecked.
Your email account is now configured correctly


You must use the SMTP port in 587 and check that it authenticates to connect to the outgoing server SMTP.
This is the outgoing mail server port for all ISPs.

To check the details that allows to authenticate the outgoing server, check it here: