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Creating an autoresponder
How to create an autoresponder?

This function allows you to manage your emails during your absence. Autoresponder is a message, prepared by you that is sent automatically in reply to messages sent to your mailbox. It's very useful function if you'd like to inform your correspondents that you're absent and when you'll be back. You may use autoresponders also to other purposes, like informing your correspondents taht you've received their message and that you're going to reply as soon as possible.

To create an autoresponder:
1. Log into Manager v3

2. Click the domain in the menu on the left.
3. Click the "Emails" , then click the icon in Email management section and then "Create"

You'll see the following site:

It's sufficient to insert the email address for which you'd like to activate autoresponder and create the message you'd like to send to your correspondents.

To complete action, click "Accept" button.