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How to use phpMyAdmin for my account?



phpMyAdmin is used to manage MySQL over the web. You can manage your databases, copy, delete tables, delete, edit and add fields, execute SQL functions, make multiple requests etc..

Login to phpMyAdmin

Everything is done from a web interface which is easy to use. To access it, go through your Hosting Manager section and SQL option, or directly via the URL: or simply

phpMyAdmin includes:
- The user name (matching the name of your database)
- The associated password (the last one if you've changed since your default one)

Each accommodation has its own phpMyAdmin, you need to choose the right server and the right offer for your product in the list of those proposed.

The connection parameters are sent by email, your contact address after creating the database.

This email can be found in your Manager, Administration, History emails (within the last 100 emails).